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World-Class Dentist

Dr. Denis Dolotin
He is an honorary member of the Israel Implantologists Association.
Has been trained in the best clinics in Europe and the world
17 years
of medicalexperience
More, than 10, 000
Dental implantations
More, than 13, 000
surgical procedures
Of these, more than 10,000+ are dental implantation operations.
Denis Andreyevich studied only with the best doctors, in the most famous clinics of Europe and the world.
Has performed over 13,000+ oral surgeries since 2003.
Personal Approach
There are no "pattern" solutions or problems in dentistry.
The doctor finds an individual approach to each patient.
Full responsibility for the work done!
Long-term warranty on all types of services
3 to 30 years warranty on all works
Care and attention to each client!
Reasonable prices and individual discounts
Personal loyalty system and free checkups
Treatment by the best international practices and standards!
The most advanced technologies and techniques
Author's methods of the best European doctors
Dr. Dolotin provides the most extensive range of services.
All treatment is performed by the doctor based on the best international practices.
Installation of implants according to classical technology and in difficult clinical conditions
Atraumatic technique
No bone building

Author's methods Prof. U. Prof. U. Grunder and
Prof. M. Hürzler/O. Zur

Bone grafting
Restoration of lost tissue due to loss of teeth and injuries. (Bone blocks. Curie method)
Restoration of bone by directional regeneration and osteostimulation method

Open and closed methods
Work with sinus in chronic sinusitis (maxillary sinusitis)
Atraumatic technique to raise the bottom of the maxillary sinus

Correction of jaw defects
and rows of teeth and more, than
+50 Services
Removal of cysts from the maxillary sinuses
Cystectomy and cystotomy operations with preservation of causal teeth
Osteoplastic surgery for injuries to the jaws and soft tissue of the face
Treatment and relief of pain in diseases of the TMJD (temporomandibular joint)

Surgical treatment of periodontal tissues
Soft Tissue Plastics for denudation of tooth roots after surgical procedures
Oral plastic surgery
Elimination of recessions in the field of teeth and implants

Tooth extraction
Atraumatic techniques
Tooth removal of any complexity
The removal of 8 wisdom teeth
Removal of supercomplete teeth

About Dr. Dolotin
My principle is continuous self-improvement and learning.
Over the past 10 years, stydied in 7 different countries worldwide.
He is an honorary member of the Israel Implantologists Association.
Doctor is a lecturer consultant at AB Dental, Baltic Dental and BioMed GmbH.
Since 2015 specializes in innovative methods of implant placement without sinus-lifting and bone plastic.
Taught seminars on implantology in Moscow, Kazan, Voronezh, Volgograd, Ufa, Izhevsk.
Feedback of patiens
You're in good company. The reviews speak for themselves!
The situation was complicated, bone augmentation was required, implants were placed. It was complicated by strong tooth curvature and congenital anomaly (originally there were 36 teeth in the mouth instead of 32). The neglect of the condition also made itself felt. Shortened the academic placement time from 2 years to 10 months. Implants are excellent from 2015 to the present. Thank you!!!
Oleg Stanislavovich Ksenchuk
Denis Andreyevich is the only doctor in Kaliningrad who took up my periodontitis problem (I had a very serious and hopeless case). The other three well-known Kaliningrad clinics considered my disease and, shaking my head, promised only senile removable plastic prostheses... Denis Andreyevich with his optimism and confidence, and then with his medical professionalism, literally inspired me to a new stage in my life from which I no longer expected anything good. Thanks to him, I now feel like a full human being again.
Even though I'm already 25, I'm scared of dentists like I was a kid. But it was no longer possible to tolerate holes in my teeth, so after a long and thorough search for a dentist, I went to Denis Andreevich. I have never regretted my choice! From the first time the prosthetics failed, I behaved badly and fainted (I advise everyone to eat before the procedure). Denis Andreyevich and his assistant showed wonders of patience and understanding. The second time everything worked out, hooray! The procedure took less than half an hour, there was no pain at all (but it hurt after), the tooth has taken root and pleases me. Soon I will put the second!
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Does dental implantation hurt?
No, it doesn't hurt at all.

What kind of anesthesia do you operate on?
Most often it is local anesthesia (as in the treatment of teeth), but in large operations we can offer general anesthesia.
Can I get implants if I have diabetes?
Yes, you can, but after endocrinologist consultation and blood sugar correction.

Is it possible to implant in chronic periodontitis?
Yeah, it's possible, with the sanation of inflammation centers. And most of the time, implantation is the only way to preserve your own teeth.
Are there any diseases where implants cannot be placed?
it's cancer, blood disease, purulent bone inflammation (Osteomyelitis).
Where can I see a doctor?

Dr. Dolotin consults and operates patients in several private clinics in Kaliningrad.
New Technologies Clinic
Nekrasova St., 3, Kaliningrad.
Clinic phone: +7 (4012) 33 36 60

Art-Stom Clinic
142-A Mira Avenue, Kaliningrad.
Clinic phone number: +7 (4012) 93 30 18

Kaliningrad Dental Clinic
Tikhaya St. 26, Kaliningrad.
Phone number of the clinic: +74012991126
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